Excelix® LED Products

High Brightness LED Lamps

High Brightness (1000mcd +)

T1 and T1¾ size as well as Oval Shape

Colors: White, Blue, True-Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, Yellow-Green
Excelix High Brightness LED Lamps

Surface Mount LED

Excelix Surface Mount LED Low power consumption

Wide viewing angle

Size: 0402, 1206, 0805, 0603

Colors: White, Blue, True Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, Yellow-Green

LED Lamps

Wide viewing angle

Shapes include Tower, Round, Ellipse, Rectangular, and Cylindrical

Colors: red, orange, amber, yellow, yellow green, blue, white
Excelix LED Lamps

LED Backlights

Excelix LCD Backlights COB and Edge type backlight

Applications include Medical Devices, PDA and small displays

Many standard sizes available, we also have custom backlight capabilities

Colors: White, Blue, Pure Green, Red, Orange, Amber, Yellow, Yellow-green