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Product Description:
Excel Display manufactures and provides a full line of industrial flat panel displays and monitors from 1.5 to 20 inches diagonal viewing area. Touch screens are available as a value added custom feature on some models for OEM and ODM requirements. Driving boards are available that supports NTSC/PAL or digital signal for desk and lap top, kiosk, industrial single board computer, SBC, PDA among other applications. If you are looking for a full panel solution that includes the TFT Panel, drivers, and a frame please also see our Open Frame TFT page.


Open Frame TFT Monitors

Excelix Open Frame TFT LCD

Open Frame TFT Excel Display Provides a wide selection of Open-Frame TFT-LCD monitors. These displays are available with a standard RGB (VGA) input as well as analog RCA (compsite video) or Svideo (SVHS) NTSC/PAL signal input. A stereo audio amplifier can also be added. Many different versions are available with high-brightness, wide viewing angle, touch screen, an various panel sizes.

TFT Flat Panel Monitors

Excelix 17" TFT LCD Monitor

Product Description:
For superior performance and crisp, bright, high-contrast images select Excelix TFT-LCD flat panel monitors for industrial, instrumentation, or consumer use. Available accessories: DC Power Supply Adapter, RGB signal cable, Audio cable, Video cable