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As pioneers in the field of LCD manufacturing Excel Display is positioned to provide a very broad selection of products unmatched my most of its competitors. With an intense focus on industrial, handheld, instrumentation, medical, and transportation markets, Excel is positioned to provide displays to meet the needs of most OEM or ODM manufacturers or embedded system integrators users designing an LCD product application.


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A light valve is a specialized LCD that works like the shutter in a camera. When the display is off it will allow light to pass through and will block light when turned on. Light valves are used in telecommunications equipment (especially fiber-optics) as well as test equipment that measures light and/or opacity. Excel Display manufactures several kinds of light valves incorporating TN, Pi-Cell, and PDLCD technology. The simplest light valves will have a single segment to control light passage, more complex light valves with multiple aperatures in various configurations are available. Please contact an Excel sales representative for more information.